II Web and Text Intelligence

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2009

II Web and Text Intelligence

Important dates
· Paper submission: May 22 2009 ADIADO para May 31 2009.
· Accepted paper notification: July 13 2009.
· Camera-ready paper uploading: July 24 2009

Web and text intelligence are related areas that seek to improve human computer interaction in general and providing users with tools to explore and analyze information available on the Internet. Both areas benefit from knowledge, concepts and techniques from artificial intelligence, statistics, linguistics, among other fields. Web and Text Mining are hot application areas for AI and a source of inspiration for new AI methods and algorithms. Known developments include self adaptive web sites, usage monitoring, web site personalization, information retrieval, information extraction, automatic Web site organization, large document collection mining and exploration, visualization and usability.
The 2nd International Workshop on Web and Text Intelligence (http://www.labic.icmc.usp.br/wti2009) at STIL09 (http://www.inf.ufrgs.br/stil09) expects to gather researchers who work on methods and theories (and their applications) that help us to understand the Web and to build automatic tools for better exploiting its complex world. We also would like to bring together researchers who develop new contributions dealing with Portuguese language in the context of the Web or text mining applications.

Topics of interest
  • Web mining
  • Visual Web mining
  • Link mining
  • Web usability
  • Web automation and adaptation
  • Web content mining
  • Multi media Web mining
  • Recommender systems for the Web
  • Rocused crawling
  • Information Retrieval
  • Information Extraction
  • Ontologies in Text Mining
  • Document and Text Classification
  • Visual Text Mining

Track organizers
Alípio M. Jorge (amjorge at fep.up.pt, LIAAD, INESC Porto LA, Fac. Economia, Univ. Porto, LIAAD, R. Ceuta, 118, 6o. 4150-190 Porto, Portugal)
Alneu de Andrade Lopes (alneu at icmc.usp.br) ICMC – USP São Carlos – SP, Brazil
Solange Oliveira Rezende (solange at icmc.usp.br) ICMC – USP São Carlos – SP, Brazil

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