Agent Supported Collaborative Work for Knowledge Management

miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Second International Workshop on
Agent Supported Collaborative Work for Knowledge Management
(ASCWKM 2009)

In conjunction with the
IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management
(ICDIM 2009)
Michigan, USA
November 1-4, 2009


Building on top a first successful edition in 2007, a second edition of
the ACW workshop is now being proposed. This new edition resumes the
topics proposed in the previous edition of the workshop and it aims at
renewing the success in terms of quality of submitted paper and
discussion during the event. It is now more focussed on knowledge
engineering issues underlying collaborative works and it aims at a
broader range of applications from business intelligence to eLearning.

In today's challenging global market, companies have to innovate in
order to improve competitiveness and business performance. They must
bring innovative products to market more effectively and more quickly to
maximize customer interest and sales. The pressures to reduce time,
improve product quality, and lower costs have not gone away; they are
being reaffirmed and folded into programs that focus on delivering the
"right" product. Companies must continue to enter new markets with
innovative products. This requires leveraging and reusing the
product-related intellectual capital created by partners working
together. Business innovation must occur in several dimensions: project
organization, product definition, production engineering, ergonomics
design, environmental impacts, etc.

Several approaches exist for supporting companies in this innovation
challenge. They are mainly based upon Knowledge Management techniques.
Agents and Multi-Agent Systems may offer solutions to model (multiple)
organisations involved in collaborative design activities. Agents may
also support the capitalization process and constitute knowledge bases
transparently for the users.

This workshop will focus on the use of agents and multi-agent systems
for modelling and supporting collaborative activities in all working
contexts, such as, design activities, eLearning, etc


A non-exhaustive list of topics for the workshop includes the following:
1. Methods and Models:
* Agent based CSCW
* Agent oriented analysis and design methods for CSCW systems
* Agent based models of collaborative activities
* Ontologies and theories about collaborative activities
* Agent based capitalization
* Agent based reuse of knowledge
* Collaborative design of products and software
* Formal models of agent-based CSCW
* Organizational applications of agent use in CSCW
2. Implementation of CSCW systems:
* Agent-oriented architecture for multi-organization collaborations
* Architectures and platforms for agent-based CSCW deployment
* Human-computer interaction in CSCW
* CAD and virtual reality design-helper agents
* Practical application examples
3. Annotations
* Agent based automatic annotations techniques
* Semantic annotations
* Reasoning techniques for annotations
4. eLearning
* Agent based eLearning
* Agent Knowledge capitalization and reuse in an eLearning context
5. Industrial cases


Submissions must be made through the submission website:

You are invited to submit full length papers, not exceeding 4-6 pages
(3000-4000 words) in length, in two-column format including diagrams
and references, following IEEE publication guidelines. Papers that do
not follow these guidelines may be rejected without consideration of
their merits. Papers must be submitted electronically to the contact
point in PDF format. All accepted papers will be published by IEEE
and fully indexed by IEEE Xplore.

All papers will be reviewed by at least three Program Committee members
on the basis of technical quality, originality, clarity, and relevance
to the track topics listed below. Accepted papers will be published in
the conference proceedings. At least one author of each paper must
attend the workshop to present the paper.

Camera Ready papers should follow the IEEE conference templates:

All deadlines will be strictly enforced.

June 30, 2009: Paper submissions (submission deadline is strict)
July 31, 2009: Author notification
September 1, 2009: Camera-Ready Copy
November 1-4, 2010: 4th IEEE ICDIM, Michigan, USA

For further information please contact the track organizer:
Vincent Hilaire

Workshop Chairs
Massimo Cossentino, ICAR-CNR (Italy) and UTBM (France)
David Faure Thales Group (France)
Vincent Hilaire, UTBM (France)
Sebastian Rodriguez FRT-UTN (Argentine)


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