4th International Doctoral Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering

domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

4th International Doctoral Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering (IDoESE 09)
Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA, October 14, 2009
During the 2009 International Empirical Software Engineering Week

The objective of the symposium is to provide young researchers with the opportunity to present their work to the empirical software engineering community, and receive valuable feedback from experienced researchers in that community. Accepted papers will be published on the ESEM conference website.

Some of the most experienced members of the empirical software engineering community will serve as the symposium advisors and provide feedback to students presenting their work. Watch the IDoESE website for a list of IDoESE advisors. In addition, the symposium will facilitate the exchange of ideas among young researchers.

Participation in the symposium is being solicited at three levels:

Participants are doctoral students, preferably at a mid-point in their dissertation work (i.e. are at least 12 months from defending their dissertation, but have at least a preliminary research design), who will present their work at the symposium and receive feedback from the symposium advisors and other attendees. Those wishing to be participants are asked to submit a 4-6 page paper that includes a brief introduction (motivation, rationale, background) to their research, the design of the empirical element of their work, their results thus far, and the current status of the research.

Apprentices are also doctoral students, but at an earlier stage in their studies. Apprentices will attend the symposium and are encouraged to ask questions of the presenters, and will benefit from the feedback given to other students.

Observers are any other members of the empirical software engineering research community who would like to attend the symposium. NOTE: Any observer or symposium advisor who is serving as a dissertation advisor to one of the participants is prohibited from speaking during the presentation and discussion of their student’s work.

Important deadlines for the symposium:

• June 15, 2009 Deadline for participant papers
• July 30, 2009 Notification of acceptance
• August 30, 2009 Camera-ready copy due
• October 14, 2009 IDoESE Symposium
• November 1, 2009 Session notes will be sent to participants
Submissions and inquiries should be sent to the symposium chair, Dr. Carolyn Seaman, at cseaman@umbc.edu.

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