ITI summer undergrad internships: apply by 2/1/10

sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


applications due February 1, 2010

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The Information Trust Institute (ITI), a national leader in combining research and education with industrial outreach in trustworthy and secure information systems, invites undergraduates to apply for Undergraduate Research Internship awards for Summer 2010. Selected students will be supervised by ITI researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who are leading experts in a number of information trust, information assurance, and cyber security research areas.

Interns will work for 40 hours a week, including attendance at two weekly seminars. One of the weekly seminars will be a technical presentation from a University of Illinois faculty member; the other will be a presentation on ethics in the responsible conduct of information technology research and development. Other enrichment events will include sessions on preparing for graduate study and pursuing careers in engineering and computing. At the conclusion of the internship, each intern will present the summer's work at a poster session and write a technical paper describing his or her research accomplishments.

All interns will receive stipends and housing. For some students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, that support will be provided by National Science Foundation "Research Experiences for Undergraduates" (REU) site funding.

The duration of the internships will be 8-10 weeks. The main program will run from June 1 to July 30; if those dates conflict with your academic calendar, and your ITI faculty mentor agrees to accommodate different dates, other start and end dates may be considered. State your constraints in the application.

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Applicants should be undergraduate students at any university, in their second or third year, who have completed some technical course work in computing. Students who have completed the third (junior) year are preferred. Both U.S. and international students are welcome to apply.

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Please visit the ITI intern program site,, for a current list of professors who would like to sponsor students this summer, and for more information to help you choose which faculty members you are interested in working with.

ITI faculty are working in a broad range of areas related to the creation of computer systems, software, and networks that society can depend on to be trustworthy, that is, secure, dependable (reliable and available), correct, safe, private, and survivable. Instead of concentrating on narrow and focused technical solutions, ITI aims to create a new paradigm for designing trustworthy systems from the ground up and validating systems that are intended to be trustworthy. ITI conducts research both on underlying technologies and on a variety of application areas, including electric power, financial systems, defense, and homeland security, among others.

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Please apply at no later than Monday, February 1, 2010. Applicants will be notified of the status of their applications by mid-March 2010.

The University of Illinois is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. Students who are women and/or members of underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

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Visit the website, If you can't find an answer to your question there, contact:

Dr. Masooda Bashir
ITI Assistant Director for Social Trust Initiatives


This program is supported by the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program of the National Science Foundation under Grant CNS-0851957.

ITI is a campus-wide interdisciplinary unit, led by the College of Engineering, that is fostering excellence in information trust and security.

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