Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering

Workshop at the ICSE 2010
2nd May 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

Software is created by groups —software engineers—working in varied
environments, under various conditions. Thus understanding cooperative
and human aspects of software development is crucial to comprehend how
methods and tools are used, and thereby improving the creation and
maintenance of software. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum
for discussing high quality research on human and cooperative aspects of
software engineering. We aim at providing both a meeting place for the
growing community and the possibility for researchers interested in
joining the field to present their work in progress and get an overview
over the field.
Inspired by the hosting country’s concept of co-responsibility – ubuntu
– we especially invite contributions that address community-based
development like open source development and sustainability of ICT

Topics of Interest
include, but are not limited to:
• Social and cultural aspects of software engineering,
• Psychological and cognitive aspects of software engineering,
• Managerial and organizational aspects of software engineering,
• Empirical studies of software development using both qualitative
and quantitative methods,
• Cooperation in agile development,
• Community based development processes like Open Source development,
• Software engineering as cooperative work,
• Coordination and mutual awareness in large scale software development,
• Cooperation between software developers and other professionals
over the lifetime of a system,
• Knowledge management in software engineering,
• Distributed software development.
• User participation in regard to ownership, training, level of
involvement, interplay with developers, sustainability and deployment

As last year, we will have 3 paper categories.
• Full papers (up to 8 pages)
• Short papers (up to 4 pages)
• Notes (1 page)

Papers that cannot be accommodated in the plenary sessions will be
presented in discussion round tables.

Important Dates
• 22 January - deadline for workshop paper submission
• 14 February - notification of acceptance
• 3 March - camera-ready deadline for workshop papers
For further information see:

Workshop goals
The main goal of this workshop is to present current research and to
explore new research directions that will lead to improvements in the
creation and maintenance of software, from the perspective of both
processes and tools.
A secondary goal is to build and strengthen the community among the
researchers working on cooperative and human aspects of software
engineering, including those who typically attend ICSE and those who
hail from other disciplines. The goal is particularly to expand the
community in Africa.

Workshop organizers
• Yvonne Dittrich, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark,
• Cleidson de Souza, UFPA, Brazil,
• Mikko Korpela, University of Eastern Finland, Finland,
• Helen Sharp, Open University, UK,
• Janice Singer, NRC, Canada,
• Heike Winshiers-Theophilus, Polytechnic of Namibia, Namibia,

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